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Front Nine

HOLE 1 - Par 4

It's garbage. It is far too difficult for an opening hole and should be moved to the back nine or the dump.

Julie Wyzryuck

HOLE 2 - Par 5

This hole is so long that I always feel like I'm playing with a marshmallow. A very large marshmallow.

Angela Brouabreau

HOLE 3 - Par 3

This was drawn by little Billy Butnuster, Betty's grandson. This led to the creation of the Conundrum Kids Project.

HOLE 4 - Par 4

I always get the feeling that the pelicans are watching me.....and that they've seen better.

Jimmy Fidgetfork

HOLE 5 - Par 4

Here I go, already thinking about eating at the turn.

Tommy Toshore

HOLE 6 - Par 4

Here I am, 50 yards right of civilization in a pile of everything. Time for a bonfire, maybe roast those marshmallows.

Frank Bush

HOLE 7 - Par 4

Sure, he may be all smiles and look like the Head Pro, but at some point this guy will jump on my back and make me bogey this hole.

Jerry Jabb

HOLE 8 - Par 3

This is the hole that earned me the nickname, Stevie Starboard. At least I'm not known as Peter Port.

Yours Truly

HOLE 9 - Par 5

This is it, this is the money hole. Time to get out your change and pay up girls.

Linda Forgenfor

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