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Back nine

HOLE 10 - Par 4

Slice, dice, chop, chunk and liquefy. My nephew has all the shots. I call him Blender Boy. He always joins us on the back nine and it's an automatic double for me.

Joey Spracken

HOLE 11 - Par 3

Most people have not seen the inside of a golf course. If you don't repair ball marks, fix divots or rake bunkers, the whole operation can come to a halt.

Your friends,

The Greens Committee

HOLE 12 - Par 4

I love this hole! Tee it up and take off.

Juan Pabloski

HOLE 13 - Par 5

This is what I expect at the snack shack, none of that cheap plastic.

Julie Wayward

HOLE 14 - Par 4

Those scientists that make the balls, I think about them every time I put one in the water. All that hard work for nothing.

Jenny Popkourn

HOLE 15 - Par 4

Watch out for this couple. They only have one bag, they hit into you and she is fairly evil. Trust me, I've run into them on this hole before.

Alex Eversoar

HOLE 16 - Par 3

Most people get a visit from the Birdie Fairy on this hole..........not me.

Johnny Chunkenberg

HOLE 17 - Par 4

This beverage cart hussy has no business being on this hole, or any hole.

Michele Grybwood

HOLE 18 - Par 4

I always like to imagine my fans in the stands on this hole. Works every time.

Brett Phulovit

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