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I hate to bring this up, but it seems that every morning when I hop on a cart, the seat is wet. The staff tells me that the seats have been dried, but they dew back up. Can we get heated cart seats or a big fan to keep the seats dry?

Danny Dubois

MTM Heat.jpg

You know what? When we leave the course we are out of bounds. We spend most of our time out of bounds. Crazy stuff.



3 men and a baby were on the 3rd hole. 3 men got up and down for par. Baby missed a 3 footer for birdie and chucked his putter in a tree.

Betty B.

Showcase 2.jpg

Dear Danny,

The board has decided it needs more info regarding the wet seat matter. The next morning you are out, please sit on each cart seat, driver and passenger sides. Record how much moisture is collected. Thank you for your effort.

I know what and what is a nut. Maybe you're living in a lateral hazard. Check it out. 

The Kid

Slow Play Babies.jpg

I feel your pain baby, I feel your pain.

Slow Play Babies.jpg

I'm gonna miss that tree.

MTM Caddy.jpg

I have seen Skip Sketchison ignoring the 90 degree rule, pretty much always.

Mrs. Buster

Slow Play Tee.jpg

Thank you for being so observant. Skippy will be spending the next week in the little clubhouse, in a tree.

The Board

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